November 19, 2018

PSU Beekeeping Task Force | Isabel Rummell

Last week Mandy visited the Apiary at Portland State University and spoke with Isabel Rummell, who is tasked with caring for the bees and supporting student involvement in the program. Mandy first met Isabel at Zenger Farm, here in Portland where Portland Urban Beekeepers keeps its club apiary. They hold work parties twice a month to beekeepers of all experience levels. When Mandy invited herself to the apiary at PSU Isabel generously accepted because she is one of the nicest people EVER. They inspected their 2 bee hives and sat down for a chat in one of the beautiful student plazas. In this interview Mandy shares one of her techniques to prevent bee stings that anyone can do (hint: it involves throwing things).

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Cover Art by Meggyn Pomerleau 


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