October 16, 2019

Meredith May | The Honey Bus

Today’s guest is an author, a journalist, a teacher, and a 5th generation beekeeper. Her most recent work, The Honey Bus, tells the story of a girl growing up in a dysfunctional family who finds solace in learning about bees and beekeeping from her grandfather. For someone who works with bees, the rich details knitted into this memoir are both comforting and familiar. The smells and sounds of the hive, and the emotional restoration that we find when we are working with our beloved insects. 


I read The Honey Bus over the summer, after winning a copy of it and 2 jars of Honey Bus Honey from an instagram giveaway from one of my favorite beekeepers, Roda Shope of Indigo Acres Apiary. It was only after I finished the book that I decided to invite our guest on for an interview. I was head to toe thrilled when she said yes! She was delightful to talk with and I think you will love her as much as I do - meet Meredith May, author of The Honey Bus!  


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Cover art by Meggyn Pomerleau

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