June 12, 2019

Bee Hunting | Rex Roberton

Mandy met today’s guest last September at a seminar taught by Tom Seeley. He had built a bee catching box, much like the one described in Dr. Seeley’s book, Following the Wild Bees. They got to talking and she ended up inviting him to come and speak to Portland Urban Beekeepers about his experience using Seeley’s methods for finding wild (and kept colonies), and while he was in town they got together in a pancake house parking lot to talk about bee hunting, topo maps, turn tables, and rebellious bees. Meet the president of the North Olympic Peninsula Beekeepers Association, Rex Roberton!

To learn more about Rex and the art of bee hunting subscribe to his YouTube channel called WildProject. It is loaded with videos that demonstrate the processes that we talked about today.  


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Cover Art by Meggyn Pomerleau

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